Our project

The BlockchainMyArt project is a platform and a set of applications for music festivals and more generally cultural organisations. Through decentralized, blockchain based solutions, it proposes a transparent distribution of revenues, a more direct interaction between artists and audiences, a better connection between an event and its surrounding economy.

Our Technology

A cashless transparent blockchain based application , transportable and adaptable to each festival specific context. The hardware and software of this payment solution can be reused in several cultural events. In 2018, the solution will be tested at large scale and on field, during three festivals: Les Siestes Electroniques (Toulouse) , TodaysArts (Den Haag)  and SeaNaps (Leipzig).

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, all collected payments are immediately redistributed to the proper recipient following redistribution rules (smart contracts). Artists, hosting venue, gastronomy suppliers, volunteers, diverse taxes. Choice is left to the hosting festival and visible to all, on our app, as well as on the blockchain.

Thanks to the blockchain distributed architecture, all information are inviolable. A great care is also given to private data protection. If a festival goer doesn’t wish to suscribe, he/she won’t be asked to provide any private information during the acquisition of a bracelet.  

BlockchainMyArt proposes the first “cash friendly” cashless system. Audiences can use it or pay cash if they desire. In both cases, transactions will be recorded on the blockchain and smart contracts will be implemented, including from cash sources. Cashless can and should be a deliberate choice, not a forced solution.

Our Partners

  • Seanaps



    Date: October, 11th 2018
    Location: Leipzig, DE






    SeaNaps is a freshly born festival from Leipzig. Its first aim is to develop artistic practices, mainly in the alternative and brush cutting musical scene. To this end, it leans in parallel on other forms of technical, technological and social innovations. In 2017, SeaNaps created its own model of payment, based on fair trade and social economy principles and relying on Blockchain technologies to provide transparency of payments, distribution of risks and trust, creation of intelligent contracts for wealth re-partition among different contributors to a same project.

  • Les Siestes Electroniques



    Date: June, 27th 2018
    Location: Toulouse, FR







    Les Siestes Electroniques is a summer meeting point for emerging artists from the field of music & digital culture since 2002. It offers an opportunity to experience the best of contemporary music through daylight concerts, club nights, and workshops. Its open-air and free concerts formula make it a rare and precious occurrence within the landscapes of European festivals. Les Siestes Electroniques strongly advocate for a network of “fair” festivals among Europe that share common values about wealth distribution.

  • TodaysArt



    Date: Septembre, 21st 2018
    Location: Den Haag, NL







    TodaysArt is a network organization specialized in the presentation and development of contemporary visual and performing arts and emerging culture. Since 2005 TodaysArt has brought local and international artists, thinkers and audiences together. It operates on the border of creativity and society and aims to reduce the gap between the free, experimental and often abstract world of arts and daily life.